We cover Quality Videography; Amazing Stills Photography; Interviews and Voice-Overs; Quality Sound; Aerial Photography; Post-Production Services and Channel Delivery!
Websites, CRM, Databases, Webforms, apps, Knack apps and more!

Businesses fall down in delivering because they are not clear on products and services. Let me help you clarify your offerings, link them with appropriate media and fulfilment workflows.
Great workflow means consistency and predictability. It means you can answer customer queries well too. My workflow analysis and business process automation expertise will deliver for your business.

Operational Efficiency
Better Customer Service
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All the good stuff starts with some planning. I keep it ‘agile’: meaning we get into enough to be productive, but we don’t write a book about it! You’ll love what a business & marketing strategy will do for you to set the tone for other work.

Quality Videography

whether it's panning or zooming over dining tables; walking into or out of doorways; moving through happy crowds or anything else, I have you covered with a professional HD video camera on a substantial stabilizer (the Crane S3). I am also setup with a professional editing environment: Davinci Resolve Studio which is used in film making.

Visitors Centre by Steve Barnes

Aerial Photography

Portraying a birds-eye view is becoming a big plus. Whether it's to show off architecture, grounds or a complete property; to highlight some kind of action, motion or annotated visual of a venue or to capture high grade footage, having aerial photographs and video is a good thing!

Amazing Stills Photography

from low light to bright light; portraits & head-shots; interior shots that require lighting to make them POP, or product photography that makes your food look truly delicious, I've got it under control with a full frame camera, professional studio lighting and a portable lighting kit for more off-the-track requirements

Quality Sound

I studied at the School Of Audio Engineering back in the 80s, have been in recording studios, involved in an album and done lots of live mixing of bands, I love good sound, and that flows into my videos, voice-overs and interviews

Interviews and Voice-Overs

I'm a trained news-reader from many years ago, and ex disk-jockey, and I'm on radio each Wednesday night. I plan interviews with you to get your message across, then make them happen

Post-Production Services

Being able to put it all together is a skill that takes time to learn. Coming out of a college or university with a smattering of projects under your arm doesn't make you an expert or even a good creative. For business, you need a business mind that embraces Business Strategy and appropriate messaging. This means both the video and audio palette need to be set, specific scenes constructed from photography, video, sound and branding artefacts. I have dealt with story-boarding themes before and can assist you in planning your project to succeed. I use Davinci Resolve Studio for video post-production work.


Approach To Websites

Website design is informed by strategy: branding, visual identity, customer journey,  content strategy, your information model. I like to take a UX (User eXperience) approach to my designs, using Human Centred Design principles. This is important as it gets better results!
NOTE: I compressed the clips above to reduce load time, so quality is less that the website, but is better for showing the nature of the websites easily.

Website Platforms
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Wix
Kinds of Websites
  • Brand Websites (your business card on the Internet)
  • BLOGs
  • Shopping Websites (e-commerce)
  • Landing Pages
  • Databases
  • sheets
  • Apps!
Urban Food Garden website


Branding and Visual Identity inform everything customers see. They set out the way we want to interact with the customer; how we want them to see us and how we can portray ourselves across platforms and methods of communication – including business cards, letter heads, email templates and facilities like MailChimp. We are perceived as more trustworthy and solid if our branding is cohesive. It’s a journey I have been on many times over the years and I really enjoy this aspect of my work!

The following slideshow contains a few samples of work from the past few years…

Knock Outs
The ability to superimpose an image of a person or object in page as is becoming common in chat facilities
Colour Scheme per Audience
The colour scheme targeted for specific audiences
Print Ready Designs
Designs that have cut & bleed, produced to keep colours consistent across media
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A well implemented CRM and Business Processes & Automation will transform your business!
BPMN Process Diagram

My approach involves Customer Strategy, Customer Journey Mapping, CRM systems design and implementation, Customer Process Modelling, Cloud Process Automation, Customer Service: Mentoring, Phone Scripts etc.

Make a real impact

It has never been easier to look professional with our help.