The ability to distill the message you want to convey first in words, then in imagery and video is a real talent.

It's not about being able to write
it's about the core message
It's not about pretty pictures
it's about reinforcement
It's not about loving cameras
it's about using them creatively
it's not about drone fly-boys having fun
it's about making the point!

We plan your video together to ensure the right things are covered and expressed the best possible way to communicate exactly what's needed to get the message to your customers.

"Video is a wonderful way to connect with your customers. People are looking for someone to believe. Video will help portray who you are and what you do that's special; giving people a better chance to trust and engage with you."
Steve Barnes
Creative Lead

The internet is full of video

The internet is now full of video. People are expecting it. As a business, you have to keep a professional image otherwise people who see your photos and videos will discount you as being unprofessional. That wouldn’t matter if it didn’t have a negative impact on sales figures and make it harder for the sales team to make up lost ground!


Legitimacy is everything!

Legitimacy is everything. First you have to look like you can deliver, then you have to deliver in such as way that builds your reputation and brand. If you’re going to succeed in this, you must give some serious consideration to your branding and image.
My advice is to get both head-shots and video clips of staff. That way you have very engaging media that can be used in multiple channels whenever you want to advertise. You can use them on your website, on Facebook, in BLOGS, when promotional material is needed for interviews or media kits, for magazines and printed ads, and for other opportunities. Being able to show who you are with the help of a someone who has experience is a great start to making a splash in the much contested digital landscape.
Among other things, Steve Barnes Media, Web & Workflow can help you with
  1. marketing strategy
  2. visual identity
  3. script writing
  4. coaching for talking on videos
  5. interviews
  6. video and photography

Call me (Steve) on 0423 311 839 for a free chat over coffee to map out your needs and roadmap!


What's your scale?

Do you have a specific video and social media channel in mind?

Do you want an ongoing video campaign?

How do your videos tie in with other marketing content?


Understand your customer's experience

Is your campaign is centred on brand reinforcement or product promotion?

Can you capture customers reactions to your videos and feed them back into your campaign designs?

How serious are you?

How do you intend to plan your video and other marketing material?

How will you measure success?

How serious are you about wanting this to work?

How much help do you need, and how early so you don’t waste time or go down an unproductive path?

Make a real impact

It has never been easier to look professional with our help.

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