Voice-Overs provide another powerful emotional connection to your buyers

Voice-Overs are not just for radio, but for web sites, social media and even other uses like marketing support at conferences.

Voice-Overs provide a powerful and often authoritative connection to your buyer's psyche. Voice-Overs are often your 'best friend' when kicking off a marketing campaign.
Steve Barnes
Creative Lead

The power of On-line ads

Online ads are the future of advertising for business. According to the 2017 Trends Report from voices.com, TV ads (network or streaming) are taking a back-seat to online ads.


we help you connect with your customers

We work with you to see where voice-overs best fit in your marketing plans, complementing content, photography, video and interviews.

We also help you to measure your success across radio, web sites, social media and other online channels.

I have a confession. I used to be a disc-jockey. I was trained in the old school by a news reader to start with, for radio. I could have gone to a country station and done a night shift to start my radio career properly, but I also studied sound engineering and worked with bands, both in studio and live.

So I ended up in the city clubs rather than radio. After working my way to the city clubs, I was the main DJ for the opening and first year or so of the Fame Club in Swanston Street, Melbourne; then I moved to Broadway Night Club in South Yarra. Broadway Night Club was the old Love Machine, Melbourne’s original disco. You may remember the negro man that did the Brash’s adverts “Right on, Mister B!”. His name was Michael Letho. He was the original DJ in Melbourne, for the Love Machine. I worked with him when he came back to visit. I also worked briefly with Daryl Summers (Hey, Het it’s Saturday), Molly Meldrum (Countdown), Gavin Wood (Fox FM) and others.

You get a good ear for sound when you’ve worked with it for years. You also get a good idea for announcing when you’ve been trained by one of Melbourne’s best.

I’ve done a number of M.C. gigs down the years; but I really enjoy using these talents to help businesses. I do voice overs and also video interviews (yes, I do video too). Here’s a few recent ones from the past months. I did an ad for Web Strategies that aired on Voice FM, Ballarat some months ago, and I’ve done the ones here for Good News Radio in Ballarat.

Radio advertising is good value for money, and it adds to your profile in a way that reinforces brand image and value. It’s well worth considering. You can talk to me about voice-overs and radio advertising by calling me on 0423 311 839, or if you’d like a call back later, please just text me or fill in the form below.

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With such an abundance of media in our lives, it can be genuinely difficult to know the answers to these things. Voices are propagating with the growth of video and streaming services. The question is whether your voice will  be heard amongst the others and whether what you say will gain the buyers attention.

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