"Just wanted to say thank you again for the last two days, everything went really well and I am looking forward to seeing the photos! "...Thank you so much... there are some great shots"
Brand Activation Specialist
"The photos look great... "She really enjoyed the whole thing... "I hope you get lots of clients! I'll share your posts on my wall. Might help get a few more clients too."
Model's mother
"That is totally awesome! "Thanks so much. I am going to post this around the world. Lol. I'm so impressed. It looks better than in real life."
Metal Sculptor
Steve is a professional and talented photographer with a lot of experience. He gives helpful directions during the photo shoot and is pleasant to work with. I really enjoyed my 2 hour photo shoot with Steve!
Matilde Calje
Model, StarNow
I've looked at the photos - they all look great, but I can't choose... Help!
Business Owner

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