"The object of a good head-shot is to BUILD AFFINITY with your customers. I have my eye on that goal, and will work with you to hit that mark and build your brand!."
Steve Barnes
Creative Lead

we help you connect with your customers

Head-shots are one aspect of how you relate to your customers. They are a necessary part of BUSINESS BRANDING

Although we often shoot head shots as an independent service, head-shots are best connected to branding and marketing strategy. These inform us so we can produce the very best kind of imagery for you. We recommend a shoot of a bust or full portrait when we do head shots so you have these images at your disposal ongoing.

In addition to head shots, we also offer video clips of staff saying “Hi, I’m , and I do .”, complemented by “You can find me…”, “I like this product the best because”, “I’m excited about…” or something similar.

"Head shots are mandatory for public-facing staff to put a welcoming face on your business."
Steve Barnes
Creative Lead

We offer more value 🙂

Whilst some photographers are making hey whilst the sun shines providing a Head Shot service, Steve Barnes Media, Web & Workflow is approaching the need more holistically.

Times have moved on. Whilst Head Shots are still really important for your business, Staff Video Clips are the emerging way to make more of an impact. Just five to ten seconds for each staff member; particularly management and customer facing staff, to say things like:

"Hey, I'm Peter, I'm the sales guy here. I love talking to customers and helping them get the best possible solutions to their needs. Call me!".
The Sales Guy
"Hi, I'm Alex, and I'm on reception. If you've called in you've probably talked to me".
"Hi, I'm Adam, and I run the production facility. It's my job to make sure you get really good, well made products as soon as possible when you order them!"
Production Manager

And you can bet this kind of presentation can be used textually with headshots too!

what's the process?

Knocking out the background to make it clean

When any photographer does a modern ‘head-shot’, it means photographing against a ‘chroma-key’ backdrop so the background colour can be punched out, leaving whatever background is desired. 

The images at left show me against a green chroma-key backdrop, the resulting head-shot on white, and then a value-add – a video.

The video value-add

If we set up a chroma-key backdrop to do nice crisp head-shots, it can also be used for a video! The image with me against black has been achieved the same way the one on white has – using ‘chroma-key’. The video editing software helps us evaluate the green and eliminate it, placing something else underneath. In this case, I placed the black layer underneath with a Ballarat Gospel Radio logo I refreshed for Good News Radio, and a Steve Barnes Media, Web & Workflow watermark at bottom right (which may appear when I assist for Not For Profit organisations).

Make a real impact

It has never been easier to look professional with our help.

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