I’ve just seen a post by a freelancer asking “which portrait do you like better?”. There were a number of responses, but…


WHY are you doing the portrait?
WHAT is it for?
WHO will be seeing it?
WHERE will it be used:
  + digital or print?
  + at what scale?

These questions are all rooted in BRANDING and VISUAL IDENTITY, which informs MARKETING STRATEGY. I can’t really answer a question like “which portrait is best?” without having answers to these questions.

YOU shouldn’t get a portrait or head-shot done without having worked through and properly documented:

These things inform ALL YOUR MARKETING. I mean:
+ Headshots
+ Portraits
+ Website Design
+ Brochure Design
+ Vehicle based media
+ TV media
+ Billboards
+ Digital Displays
+ Approach to voice-overs
+ Tone of radio adverts
+ Selection of background music
+ Pace and cadence of all audio

On top of all that, it also affects:
+ General photography style
+ Videography style
+ Aerial videographer and videography style

If this seems all too much to consider, it’s not for a seasoned professional, pricing that professional has a bread based marketing and media background. The problem is, not many do! There are too many that bite off more than they can chew.

My experience covers:

professional photography

professional videography

interview host


Live radio host

One of Melbourne’s leading disc jockeys when young

Trained in the School of Audio Engineering; worked in studio and with live bands.

Website Designer and Developer since 1998!

Experience with both digital and print media (and understand the way light and colour works in both, plus the differences in ‘gamut’)

Have designed shop Windows, vehicle signage, billboards, digital display advertising and more.

Marketing scripts and telephone scripts

Advertising campaigns

I’m the guy you need on your side when you don’t have mature, knowledgeable help in house. I also have industry connections in radio, assistant photographers and videographers, web based facilities, printing and more.

PLUS I’m the guy that started and runs the growing “Ballarat TFP – Photographers, Models& MUAs” group in Ballarat, giving me access to other photographers, models and makeup artists to make your advertising come alive!

Call me on 0423 311 839.

Picture of Steve Barnes

Steve Barnes

I'm a CASA licensed drone pilot, photographer & videographer; an interviewer & voice-over guy; a creative graphic designer & web designer. I take a strategic view of people's businesses and help them establish themselves and gain more understanding and capability as I service their needs. My work goes from the promises implied in media, to the web and other customer interfaces where transactions happen, to CRM and business process design and business process automation. I'm the guy you can trust - to take the time to understand you and your business; to come up with smart and creative ways to do business better and reach your customers more effectively!

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About Me

“I’ll Make Your Brand Shine!”

Steve Barnes Media, Web & Workflow Services is my media and digital marketing agency in the Huon Valley, Tasmania.

I enjoy helping businesses with:

  • business branding
  • marketing strategy
  • website concept and design
  • drone video and photography
  • head shots
  • portraits
  • architectural photography
  • event video and photography
  • interviews
  • 10, 30 and 60 second business promo videos
  • voice-overs
  • sound
  • video post-production

Call me on 0483 891 835 for a free, no obligation discussion of your business needs.

My Personal Photography, Fine-Art Photography and Dog Photography are at stevebarnes.photography. 

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