Good Gear Is Important!
As a professional photographer, videographer and drone pilot, I have a lot of performance expectation and manual mode issues of my gear.
Pentax Stills Cameras
I chose the Penrax K-1 mkii because of its tweaked Sony full frame sensor, professional oriented control system and amazing build quality, plus the beautiful quality of their lenses. I have a K-3 as a second camera
Canon Video Camera
I use a Canon XA-30 video camera because of its utility and adaptability.
DJI Mavic 3 Classic Drone
I have a DJI Mavic 3 Classic drone because it has a Hasselblad camera with larger sensor that generates RAW images and video that I can process with confidence. I have produced some amazing videos and photos of y'all show and wooden boats in the past year. You ca
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Despite the Mavic 3 being an amazing piece of technology, there are some limitations:
No integration with apps like Litchi
Ability to integrate with apps like Litchi for advanced waypoint control. This was sadly a retro-step from the integration of the Air 2S
Lack of a ground relative altitude sensor
Lack of a ground relative altitude sensor, which affects accuracy for flying above a complex landscape like an undulating road (none of them round here 🙂 ). 3. Still fussy obstacle avoidance. Albeit better than predecessors, this is an area drone manufacturing really need to improve to make drones useful in film making conditions
Still fussy obstacle avoidance
Still fussy obstacle avoidance. Albeit better than predecessors, this is an area drone manufacturing really need to improve to make drones useful in film making conditions.
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I vividly recall the story a fellow drone photographer told me about a pilot with a $30k drone hitting the RETURN HOME button whilst out at sea. The drone returned home: right the patch… where he had previously been before the boat moved.. and steadily lowered itself into the drink. It was gone forever. We really need enough smarts in drones to stop this kind of thing happening. A drone should never lower itself into water!

Enter DJI's Inspire 3

Enter DJI’s Inspire 3. It may be several times the price of an already expensive Mavic 3, but this is the bez nez! After considering the merits of other brands for serious film making drones, I really think this is the best cinematic drone we have ever seen.

A full frame camera with interchangeable lenses
Much more advanced control
Enhanced waypoint missions
Fine-tuned and more controllable obstacle avoidance
Integration with classic film making gear for more detailed control
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Now you know what to get me for Christmas!!!

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