Business has moved on...

Business has moved on:

  1. It’s moved on from from being tied to one PC.
  2. It’s moved on from just storing important information in spreadsheets and staff going “oops!” when they accidentally delete a cell.
  3. It’s moved on from not easily knowing where obvious, fundamental processes are upto. Things like:
    * Leave Requests
    * Customer Service Requests
    *New Staff On-boarding
    * Reimbursements

I'll help you model your processes

Building a process means you need to understand your business from a process first (then role and data) perspective. Not everyone has their head in that space though. That’s where I come in. I’ll spend time with you to model your process so it’s easily built – and I’ll do it using the world leading BPMN standard (Business Process Management Notation). This means your Intellectual Property becomes a company asset, and also allows you to socialise business processes when training staff conceptually in the same diagram form you actually use to build the processes themselves. Beautiful huh?!

Model then build in the same language!

The simple Generic Leave Process illustrated in this post is actually implemented in Flowingly. The wonderful thing here is that it’s pretty obvious to model and easy to use, but the benefits are often HUGE!

Every business has 'low hanging fruit'

I mean pretty much what that says. Every business has some processes that are just a pain in the backside. That’s a fact of life. There’s always something that’s untidy. Something that used to run on paper and now runs in a spreadsheet, but still doesn’t work!

I’ll help you make a list of these processes.

Good News Radio - a fine example!

Good News Radio Music Process

I’m a member of Good News Radio, Ballarat. It’s the first place I chose to use Flowingly. My first process was that of Music Acquisition. The forms that I’ve designed to work with that process all work on mobile devices, so not only does the implementation give device and location independence, it also gives device type freedom! When you inquire, I’ll show you through the processes I’m building to modernise and enable Good News Radio, Ballarat. It’s a great example of how good process modelling coupled with a capable tool can be very freeing for staff. There are definitely smiles happeneing because of Flowingly at Good News Radio!


If you’re a business based in Greater Ballarat, with over $200k earnings per year, I’ll help you identify your first process and do the initial model of it FREE OF CHARGE! You can’t lose. Just fill in the form below.

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